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Silo Repair Case Histories

Stave Silo Repair for Aggregates Storage - Florida

Marietta Silos worked on five silos that were constructed with concrete staves and utilized steel galvanized hoops around the silo for structural integrity.


Silo Roof Beam Bearing Repair - Florida

Beam pockets are a critical point on the silo as these roof beams hold up the roof slab and all the necessary equipment to operate the bulk storage system.


Stave Silo Wall Repair - Florida

To add structural integrity to the existing silo before failure, a collar wall utilizing reinforced, poured in place, concrete jump-form technology was added.


Suspended Steel Silo Cone Repair for Coal Storage - Pennsylvania

The suspended cone broke loose from the silo walls and fell straight down, destroying all the discharge equipment below and blowing out the silo wall. Due to the damages, this silo was deemed irreparable by professional engineers.


Wood Chip Concrete Silo Wall Repair - Louisiana

Steel galvanized hoops were installed around this silo's weak zone to try to prevent failure and keep the wall intact.


Grain Concrete Silo Wall Repair - Ohio

Steel galvanized hoops were installed around the weak zone to help prevent failure. Failure was due mainly to the initial design of the silo.


Cleaned and Coated 3 Limestone Silos - Texas

Three concrete silos coated with a specifically designed cementitious coating with a bonding agent.


Bulging and Cracked Stave Silo Walls with Broken Frame - Pennsylvania

It is imperative that stave silos be inspected regularly to ensure their safe, efficient operability.


Repair of Silo Cracking and Delamination from Asymmetric Flow - Illinois

Repairs needed when the asymmetric flow caused concrete delamination and exterior concrete began to crack.


Silo Repair of Rusted Hoops, Broken Staves and Wall Failure - Oklahoma

Rusted hoops, broken staves and wall failure could have been prevented with regular inspections.


Aggregate Silo Wall Failure Repair - Pennsylvania

It is imperative that stave silos be inspected regularly to ensure their safe operability.


Steel Hopper Liner Silo Repair - North Carolina

Regular inspections can help prevent devastating outcomes.