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Clay Powder Silo Roof Repair - Georgia

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Clay Powder

Silo Size: 26' diameter by 56' tall

Issue: Detached roof

Silos for repair
A silo constructed with concrete staves and steel galvanized hoops.


In this example, the concrete stave silo pictured above was modified from a bucket conveyor for filling material into the silo to a pneumatic filling system. This silo was not engineered for the additional pressure and was not modified correctly to accept this change of loading equipment. As a result, the roof of the silo actually lifted up and detached from the silo wall.

Pictured below are the silos after they were repaired. The clay powder that filled the void between the roof and the wall had to be removed. Once that was complete the roof had to be reanchored to the silo walls as in new construction. To minimize or eliminate the issue, relief was added to each of the silos to release pressure during the loading process.


Silos for repair
Silos after they were repaired.


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