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Repair of Improper Lime Stave Silo Coating - Texas

Market: Chemical Manufacturing

Material Stored: Lime

Silo Size: 26' diameter by 78' tall

Issue: Inappropriate coating.

Silos for repair
A concrete stave silo that was coated with latex paint.


Pictured above is a concrete stave silo that was coated with latex paint. This coating was inappropriate for the application and allowed time and the weather elements to affect the silos. The coating deteriorated in a short amount of time, did not seal or protect the steel galvanized hoops and did not seal the concrete staves from moisture.

Stave silo construction utilizes the steel galvanized hoops for the structural integrity of the bulk storage system. Failure to protect them in the correct manner will shorten the designed structural integrity of the entire system.


Silos for repair
The best coating to use on concrete stave silos is a cementitious silo coating.


In order to effectively repair a silo in this condition, the improper coating must be removed in its entirety. This process significantly adds to the repair costs. A cementitious silo coating is ideal on concrete stave silos as it protects the steel galvanized hoops and prevents leakage. Marietta Silos applies a proprietary cementitious coating that ensures long lasting protection of the concrete staves and the steel hoops.

To ensure longevity of your bulk storage system, it is very important to choose a company and engineering firm with experience instead of basing the decision solely on price. This issue could have been prevented and saved a lot of money. It is recommended that all silos are inspected periodically to insure their structural integrity, operability and safety.


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