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Silo Repair of Cracking Silo Pedestal - West Virginia

Market: Cement

Material Stored: Cement

Silo Size: 30' diameter by 60' tall

Issue: Cracking silo pedestal

Silos for repair
Three stave silos that were constructed on a pedestal structure.


Pictured above are three stave silos that were constructed on a pedestal structure to allow for gravity discharge out of the bottom center of the silos. These silos are currently in good operating condition, however, the pedestal is in need of repair as it is displaying significant cracking along the horizontal members.


Silos for repair
Repair in process.


Pictured above and below is the repair in process. First, the cracks are injected with epoxy to eliminate any voids in the concrete structure. Once this is complete, the surface is prepared to receive a three-phase application process of composite fiber reinforcement. When correctly applied, the composite fiber reinforcement will return the concrete support structure to its original strength.


Silos for repair
Repair in process.


It is imperative that all material handling equipment at any facility be inspected regularly to ensure safe, efficient operation.


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