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Leaking Concrete Silo Roof

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Cement

Issue: Leaking Concrete Silo Roof

5 Silos for repair
The above image shows an in-process removal of a floating membrane on a concrete silo roof. The membrane was easily removed as it had become brittle in the elements.


In this example, the above pictured concrete silo had a membrane that was intended to provide waterproofing. Many facilities have concrete silos that end up leaking due to membranes, similar coverings or a reliance on the concrete slab alone. Coverings like membranes are susceptible to water penetration as they develop holes and other points of intrusion over time. Without the proper waterproof coating and maintenance, stored materials are the silos’ structural stability are compromised. These holes allow water underneath the coating where it can travel along the silo surface to cracks or other points of entry. During freeze/thaw cycles, this trapped water expands and contracts and can cause unseen structural damage to silos.

Roof coatings that provide the greatest protection for silos and stored materials bond directly to the concrete as a floating membrane hides crucial signs of damage.

5 Silos for repair
The repair in process.


The same silo with the base coat which bonds directly to the concrete and acts as a filler to correct possible cracks or holes. This silo was repaired using a rubberized roof-top coating. After removing the previous, failing membrane, the concrete surface was prepped with the appropriate base coat. Like the top coat, this bonds directly to the concrete surface. The base coat also acts as a filler to correct areas of possible water penetration. White areas in the image are mesh patches used along with the base coat to fill larger cracks and holes.

5 Silos for repair
The completed repair creates a more structurally sound silo wall.


To complete the repair, the silos were coated with the rubberized top coat. This completes the waterproofing process and adds additional durability, as well as a sleek, professional final appearance. The top coat is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for metal and concrete roofs.


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