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Leaking Aircraft Hanger Metal Roof

Market: Aviation

Material Stored: Aircraft hanger

Issue: Leaking metal, low pitch roof.

5 Silos for repair
The image to the left shows extensive corrosion from long-term leaking.


In addition to concrete and steel silos, Marietta Silos offers waterproof coating for a variety of metal structures. In this case, the metal roof on an aircraft hanger building was leaking.

To prep the roof for application of a waterproof coating, deteriorated sections were repaired, as seen in the image to the right, and coated with a base primer.

5 Silos for repair
The repair in process.


The image above shows a larger view of the metal roof as it is prepped for coating. Through the preparation process the roof was pressure washed and deteriorated/corroded metal was replaced and patched. In addition, areas at greatest risk for leaks were filled with a rubber filler material and durable mesh to ensure the greatest level of protection, shown in the image as the brighter white lines. Roof skylights are patched and covered with a clear top coat.

5 Silos for repair
The completed repair showing the rubberized top coat.


After filling areas of concern the roof was finished with the rubberized top coat, chosen specifically for its ability to adhere directly to the surface. Available in a variety of colors, the top coat provides high flexibility which makes it suitable for a variety of weather extremes.

This a proven industrial roof coating system can be used on metal or concrete roofs to keep the elements out and the inside dry.


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