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Silo Inspection

Stave Silo Inspection - Texas

It is imperative that stave silos be inspected regularly to ensure their safe operability.

Cement Slipform Silo Wall Inspection - Alabama

The wall of this jumpform fly ash silo was partially delaminated and required repairs.

Carbon Silo Inspection of Delamination and Spalling Walls - West Virginia

Collapses are often the result of preventable structural failures, such as silo wall spalling, that would have been identified during routine inspection.

Internal Silo Inspection of Deteriorating Beam Pocket - Pennsylvania

An inspection of a failing beam pocket and deteriorating underside of the silo roof slab.

Silo Inspection of Deteriorating Suspended Cone - Mississippi

An inspection of a concrete stave silo using galvanized steel hoops.

Silo Inspection of Multiple Discharge Asymmetric Flow Failure - Florida

Multiple discharges caused asymmetric flow and silo failure.

Slipform Cement Silo Wall Spalling - Michigan

A Slipform concrete silo with a horizontal crack coinciding with the material floor.

Stacking Tube Coal Silo Inspection Following a Fire - West Virginia

An inspection was required on this stacking tube due to a fire that occurred in the lower one third of the tube.

Coal Silo Inspection Reveals Suspended Steel Cone Failure - Kentucky

Due to the damages, this silo was deemed irreparable. Often, silo inspections are not performed until it is too late.

Storage Dome Cleaning and Inspection

USA Silos was called out to the West Coast to assist a client with their 125' tall by 180' diameter cement storage dome.

Slip Form, Concrete Silos Inspection

Due to heavy usage, original design and potential construction issues the silos under inspection have significant spalling on the exterior walls exposing reinforcing steel in numerous locations.


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