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Internal Silo Inspection of Deteriorating Beam Pocket - Pennsylvania

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Cement

Silo Size: 30' diameter by 115' tall

Issue: Deteriorating beam pockets

Silos for inspection
A typical method utilized for internal silo inspections.


Pictured above is a typical method utilized for internal silo inspections. The professional silo engineer is lowered into the silo in an OSHA approved man basket. All OSHA regulatory compliance programs are in effect during this operation, including all required personal protective equipment, all facets of fall protection and the confined space entry program, to complete the task efficiently without incident.

Pictured below is an inspection photo showing a failing beam pocket and deteriorating underside of the silo roof slab. Materials are visible on top of the beam between the slab and the beam, which is the support structure for the roof. Cracking, spalled concrete around the beam pocket are obvious signs of a beam end that no longer has the structural integrity for weight capacities as originally designed. This situation is common in older concrete silos and has led to complete roof failures. Marietta Silos has extensive experience and standard engineering details that can be easily applied to repair this situation and prevent roof failure.


Silos for inspection
It is imperative to have silos inspected regularly.


It is imperative to have silos inspected regularly by an experienced, professional silo company. Preventive maintenance and inspections should be incorporated for all material handling equipment to ensure its safe and efficient operation for all industry. In this scenario, the issue was detected during a scheduled inspection so the pocket could be fixed before the beam pocket failed.


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