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Stave Silo Inspection - Texas

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Aggregate

Silo Size: 26' diameter by 60' tall

Issue: Wall failure due to corroded hoops.

Stave Silos for inspection
Stave silo with wall failure.


Pictured above is a stave silo constructed on a poured in place base, utilizing steel galvanized hoops around the silo for structural integrity.

Marietta Silos was contacted after the failure for expert recommendation to repair the existing silo and establish the cause of failure. Our experts determined the failure was caused by deterioration of the steel galvanized hoops around the concrete staves that normally provide structural integrity for silo walls. Lack of routine inspections and maintenance led to hoop and concrete stave failure, though luckily no one was injured.

Routine inspection and maintenance is required for the safe, efficient operability of any material handling equipment, including silos. This is a prime example of a failure that could have been prevented with a proper inspection and maintenance program by a professional silo company.


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