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Silo Construction Case Histories

New Fly Ash Concrete Silo Construction - Tennessee

This silo construction project included a temporary stair tower created for employees to access the Jump-O-Form work deck inside the silo during wall construction.


New Fly Ash Concrete Silo Construction - Colorado

This silo construction project has a permanent stair tower that was erected with access points to different levels and the silo roof.


New By Product Jumpform Silo Construction - Wisconsin

Two completed fly ash silos showing the permanent stair tower between the silos for access to either.


New Slipform Fly Ash Silo Construction - Kentucky

Slipform technology is an around the clock operation in which the work deck is made of wood and constantly 'slips' or moves upward.


New Fly Ash Concrete Silo Construction - Minnesota

Coal powered generation facilities have to plan for disposal or reuse of byproducts created from the coal burning process.


Construction of Two New Fly Ash Concrete Silos - Tennessee

Completion of two new fly ash silos for bulk storage.