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New By Product Jumpform Silo Construction - Wisconsin

Market: Power

Material Stored: Fly Ash

Silo Size: 50' diameter by 100' tall, Quantity (2)

Issue: Wet ash disposal to dry ash storage.

5 Silos for repair
Two completed fly ash silos with enclosed roofs.


Two completed jumpform fly ash silos for a new coal fire power plant are pictured above. These poured in place silos are part of a vacuum system for fly ash. The permanent stair tower has been erected in between the silos for access to either and equipment has been placed on the roof and the external electrical & piping systems traverse up the silo walls.

The material handling equipment on the roof is enclosed in an inexpensive, sheet metal head house. This inexpensive method of enclosure increases equipment longevity and operating efficiency by protecting it from the environment.


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