Posted by Dennis Blauser, November 30, 2021
USA Silo Service provides silo cleaning and maintenance services that help prevent future emergencies and keep your silo functioning as it should to save you money and help you keep up with your production goals. Proper care of your fluidizing equipment, including air pads/air pad diffusers, air stones and air slides, is a crucial part of necessary silo maintenance. If your airflow unit shows signs of wear, it's time to request a quote to ensure the material flow of your stored dry solids is optimized.
Whatever the issue, we will ensure the reliable flow and discharge of materials, prohibiting any issues of blockage or compacting. When you contact us for help, we consider all aspects of your situation, including the types of materials stored, the condition of your silo and the difficulties you may be facing to determine the best course of action for your airflow needs. No matter the issue, we will get your silo performing at 100% again.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, November 10, 2021
Following the rise of concrete in the early 1900s, silo construction methods began to expand rapidly from silo cellars to concrete stave silo construction. This silo construction method was followed closely by the development of slipform concrete silo construction. This concrete construction method enabled the creation of a continuous structure that was free from joints and seams.
Today, slipform concrete silos are constructed much like they were when the method first appeared. First, a custom-built form system for both the silo interior and exterior is constructed. This includes an interior work deck as well as interior/exterior finishing scaffolding. The form is supported by jack rods that are attached to hydraulic jacks. As the concrete is poured for the silo walls, the form is raised at approximately one foot per hour until the structure is finished.
Construction of slipform silos requires an around-the-clock construction schedule as the silo must be finished before construction is halted. The finished product has a smooth outer finish, thanks to the continuous pouring of the concrete silo walls. Slipform construction is usually the method of choice for concrete silos that are more than 65' in diameter, or several concrete silos need to be constructed at once.

Posted by Dennis Blauser, October 18, 2021
There are numerous benefits to keeping up with routine silo cleanings. Regular silo cleaning ensures efficient operation and can help limit potential liabilities. Regular cleanings also increase your silo's usable lifespan, minimize big-ticket repairs, and help you avoid more costly cleaning expenses that can result from emergency situations.
Hung up, clogged or slow running silos are a problem that will interfere with efficiency and profitability. In addition, material buildup deters the silo from reaching its full capacity. We have seen many cases where material buildup and blockages make it so a silo or silos can only store roughly half of the original capacity. Once a silo begins to lose flow, this accelerates the buildup over time and can lead to additional blockages. Therefore, the silo must be cleaned professionally if material buildup or other issues are visible.

Benefits of Routine Silo Cleaning

  • Safety - A clean silo is the first step in protecting your stored materials, your silo's structural integrity, and your workers.
  • Savings - Removing material buildup returns your silo to the original, full capacity, helps you recover lost material that can be sold, and helps you stick to production schedules.
  • Scheduling - Sticking with a routine cleaning schedule lets you plan around your peak seasons and find a time that works best for you and minimizes downtime.

Schedule Silo Cleaning with the Pros

USA Silo Service is your go-to silo cleaning company for expert silo cleaning. Our team of experts is equipped with the industry's best silo cleaning techniques and proprietary equipment, so the job is done quickly and correctly. No matter your silo type or stored material, we clean it all - including storage domes.
So, when was your last silo cleaning? Schedule now and get back on track.

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