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Storage Silo Sizing Calculators

Marietta Silos can assist you in determining the size needed for your silo, the volume for your silo for your specific material type and the best way to store it.

Choosing an economical silo size can be a large factor when selecting a silo size. Marietta Silos prefers a 3 to 1 height to diameter ratio, or roughly 90’ tall by 30’ diameter. If your location is highly seismic, the ratio may drop to a ratio of 2.7/2.8 to 1 to ensure a safer silo design. Marietta Silos recommends that you use this as a guide only, as preliminary designs and sizing can provide a more accurate solution to your specific needs and location. If you need preliminary designs or sizing, please contact Marietta Silos at 800-633-9969 and we will put you into our priority status of projects.

How a material flows through a silo is very important, as all materials flow at various rates and move through a silo differently. The flow of a material will determine if you need a flat bottom, cone bottom, funnel flow, mass flow, or expanded flow silo construction. If you are uncertain of the material, how it flows through the silo, or what type of bottom construction you need, a flow study can help determine all of these aspects. A flow study will take a sample of material and analyze how it flows, providing you with the information needed to determine your required silo size and type. Marietta Silos can help you get started on a flow design.

By answering a few simple questions our silo sizing calculator will give you an estimate of the silo size you need for your materials.