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Concrete Grain Silos

Co-op or terminal grain silos provide a pressurized area within the cylindrical silo structure that keeps grain fresh and prevents spoilage due to air exposure. The silo bases are often sealed with organic material, such as dirt or soil, or are closed off with man-made materials including canvas or plastic. The removable silo base allows for easy silage unloading.

Grain silos are typically built using either poured in place concrete or galvanized steel; however, steel silos pose a number of safety risks and limitations versus concrete silo construction.

Grain Silo Inspection

A grain silo requires proper inspection and maintenance, regardless of construction material. When grain silos are not properly maintained, a failure or collapse can sideline production and endanger the safety of those working around your structures. A single silo failure at a worksite with multiple silos in close proximity can also damage the nearby structures.

Prevention is the most effective method to ensure the integrity of the structure of your grain silo. A routine and proactive approach to inspection and maintenance is crucial to increase the life and safe operation of your silo. Regular inspections on annual, bi-annual or five-year basis can help identify structural issues before they become problems. Preventive maintenance can reduce larger, more expensive repairs later.

At Marietta Silos, our inspections examine all known areas for potential failure. In general, this includes foundations, walls and roofs. For concrete silos, it also includes cones or discharge configuration.

Grain Silo Repair

Marietta Silos has more experience in silo repair than any other company in the United States. We are ready to help with all of your grain silo repair or modification needs.

Structural repair of grain silos can include repairs of the walls, roof, discharge cones and flat floors. Liner installation helps to reinforce the silo walls so they can handle the weight and pressure of the bulk materials being stored.

To keep the interior of the silo free from leaks and environmental exposure Marietta Silos offers both internal and external water proofing options as well as epoxy injections to repair known issues.

Marietta Silos can offer advice on all levels of silo inspection, repair, dismantling and reconstruction as well as concrete repair services for industrial concrete. If you have known or suspected problems, contact us for efficient, cost-effective solutions.