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Structural Silo Restoration

Structurally unsound silos jeopardize the safety of your stored materials. Whatever your silo restoration or modification needs, Marietta Silos is ready to help.
We perform services for facilities storing bulk materials such as borax, carbon, black cement, clay, clinker coal, fly ash, foundry sand, grain products, gypsum, lime, palletized fly ash, salt, soda ash, and more. No matter what type of structure you have or the material stored, consider Marietta Silos to solve your silo's structural problems.
Marietta Silos has more experience in silo restoration than any other company in the United States. If you have known or suspected problems, contact us for efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Composite Fiber Reinforcement

Marietta Silos is a certified installation contractor for the Wabo® Composite System. This system uses composite fiber reinforcements to strengthen existing concrete and masonry structures for a variety of applications. Available materials used include standard and vapor permeable resins and specialized fibers with low conductivity, chemical, and impact resistance that may be mounted on or near the surface of the structure with no heavy equipment needed.

Concrete Cracking, Spalling, and Delamination

When restoring concrete damage like cracking, spalling, and delamination, the root cause of the damage needs to be identified. Marietta Silos has the skills and experience necessary to restore concrete and prevent further deterioration. Through our A.I. Supplemental Inspection, we can perform faster, more accurate crack and exterior defect mapping and track changes overtime.


If your silo needs to be dismantled, Marietta Silos offers the latest demolition techniques to ensure a safe and economical work site.


Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement, and water, which is applied with air pressure. Not only is it as strong as poured concrete, but it is also very resistant to weather and chemicals and bonds 100% to well-cleaned concrete. The satisfactory application of gunite is not for the layman. Fortunately, Marietta Silos has the experience necessary to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Silo and Tank Liners

Marietta Silos believes it is important that you have options every step of the way and silo and tank liners are no different. Silo liners can help restore the structural integrity of your silo, seal walls and floors from leaking materials and prevent material contamination. We offer liners in several varieties, including concrete, steel, stainless steel, epoxy, PVC and waterproof coatings.

Silo Design Conversion

Silos that have been repurposed to store a different bulk material may need remediation to handle a heavier stored material as these can increase the loads placed on internal components, including walls and cones. Without remediation, the increased load coupled with pressure or vacuum loading and unloading strain a silo and can lead to silo failure.

Silo Discharge Cones

Silos that were constructed with outdated design methods, like steel suspended cones, carry a high failure rate. When suspended cones collapse, they can cause complete silo failure. Silos with suspended cone designs should be remediated as soon as possible to prevent failure.

Silo Post-Tensioning

Vertical silo spalling, cracking or wall separation due to overstress of the horizontal reinforcing are the main symptoms repaired with post-tensioning—a very common problem. To solve this issue, Marietta Silos will install high-strength post-tensioning strands around the wall exterior. These strands can replace all of the original steel reinforcing and, assuming the concrete is still sound. The silo can be returned to its actual load capacity economically. Marietta Silos uses a variety of techniques to replace, restoration or modify your silo roof so it can continue to meet your needs. Learn more about Maintaining Silo Roof Structure and Integrity.

Silo Rehooping

Marietta Silos has vast experience in rehooping concrete stave silos, whether they store foundry sand, lime, clay, cement, grain products or adapted for industry use. Older stave silos often have hoops that are corroded, damaged or missing altogether. To maintain the structural integrity of the silo, removing unsound hoops or replacing hoops with a full complement of new steel hoops may be necessary. If only a few hoops need to be restored or replaced, Marietta Silos can do that too. Rehooping can ensure your older stave silos regain or maintain their full storage capacity. A special waterproof coating may be applied after rehooping to ensure the long-term durability of the hoops.

Roof Beam and Beam Pocket

The roof slab is supported by internal roof beams that rest inside beam pockets. Spalling concrete around the beam pocket indicates a weakening of the concrete. If not restored, the pocket will no longer be able to support the roof beam and the silo roof will collapse.

Silo Roof Restoration

As with any structure, the roof of the silo generally receives the brunt of physical and environmental abuse. Proper roof maintenance is needed to keep the materials within the silo safe and dry. Roofs are subject to abuse from overfilling, explosions and overloading, as well as environmental abuse.

Steel Silo Restoration

Steel silo repairs typically involve cutting out and replacing worn or corroded portions of a silo and relining damaged silo sections. Marietta Silos handles the full design and engineering of steel silo restoration, with safety as our priority. Our experienced engineers understand your unique loading and load path requirements based on your silo type and stored material. We take loads on your silo and cone into account during every project, so you don't experience a silo failure.

Wall Bulging and Failure

Visible bowing of silo walls indicates a serious issue that can lead to wall collapse. Silos that were not purpose-built commonly experience bowing walls due to the added stressors they face in an industrial application. Bulging walls or bowing can also be caused by symmetric flow that increases pressure along the wall. Regardless of the cause, bowing or bulging walls can quickly lead to wall failure and silo collapse.
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