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Slipform Cement Silo Wall Spalling - Michigan

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Cement

Silo Size: 46' diameter by 110' tall

Issue: Silo wall cracking

Silos for inspection
A Slipform concrete silo with a horizontal crack.


Pictured above is a Slipform concrete silo that Marietta Silos was called in to inspect. Due to heavy usage, original design and potential construction issues the silo has a horizontal crack that coincides with the material floor inside. At the point of damage, there is reinforcing steel tied into the wall concrete inside the silo. Above the horizontal crack is additional cracking that is both horizontal and vertical. Under continued usage this silo's concrete would inevitably delaminate.

Below is a closer look at the silo wall spalling and delaminating above the horizontal crack. Delamination of the concrete is caused by the lack of bonding to the interior structural steel reinforcement, thus weakening the silo’s structural capacity. Issues of this nature will require repair sooner rather than later. To repair cracks in a poured in place silo, an epoxy injection is used to fill in the cracks. After epoxy injection, it is recommended to add post-tensioned strands completely around the silo area of delamination to provide additional structural integrity.


Silos for inspection
It is imperative to have silos inspected regularly.




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