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Carbon Silo Inspection of Delamination and Spalling Walls - West Virginia

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Carbon

Silo Size: 45' diameter by 120' tall

Issue: Silo inspection, delamination and spalling walls

Silos for inspection
A Jumpform concrete silo with delamination and cracking in the walls.


Pictured above is a Jumpform concrete silo that Marietta Silos was called in to inspect. Heavy usage, original design and potential construction issues heave lead to clear delamination and spalling in the walls. Above the horizontal crack there is additional horizontal and vertical cracking. Under continued usage this silo's concrete will inevitably divide and lead to failure.

Below is a closer look at the silo wall cracking and delaminating in another area. Delamination of the concrete is caused by the lack of bonding to the interior structural steel reinforcement which weakens the silo’s structural capacity. Issues of this nature require prompt repair. To repair delamination this serious, the affected area is cut out and the reinforcing steel is replaced. Once reinforcing steel is tied in and replaced, the wall is formed and poured with specific, non-shrink concrete per engineer specifications.


Silos for inspection
A closer look at the same silo wall.


Collapses are often the result of preventable structural failures that would have been identified during routine inspection. Common issues that cause concrete structure and concrete silo failure include foundation deterioration, roof collapse due to roof beam structural issues, improper material filling and unloading procedures in silos, silo wall delamination or deterioration, and silo discharge cone or bin floor issues.

Much of this damage is easily preventable through routine inspection and maintenance. Third-party inspections, maintenance and repair services are the best way to manage safety on any scale. Many structural issues can be easily and economically addressed when detected early.


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