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Aggregate, Sand and Gravel Stave Silo Repair - Alabama

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Aggregate, sand and gravel

Silo Size: 28' diameter by 50' tall

Issue: Cracking and broken staves

Silos for repair
A silo constructed with concrete staves and steel galvanized hoops.


Pictured above is a concrete stave silo with steel galvanized hoops for structural integrity. The silo shows cracking and stave breakage along the top edge at the roof. On this silo, the conveyor loading system was designed to attach at the roof edge. This connection to the first two silos coupled with standard movement and settling over time led to the cracking issues.

Pictured below are the silos after the cracked and broken staves were repaired. The walls were stabilized in the affected areas first. Steel wire mesh was attached to the surrounding staves that were not damaged. Then 4” of gunite was added around the circumference of the silos to make the repaired area the same size before adding the structural steel, tensioned hoops. Lastly, to ensure that the repairs would last and the conveyor would not cause repetitive issues, a new design for attachment was configured by a professional, licensed silo engineer.


Silos for repair
Silos after the cracked and broken staves were repaired.


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