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Cracking Stave Silo Repair - Texas

Market: Manufacturing

Material Stored: Coke

Silo Size: 28' diameter by 60' tall

Issue: Cracking staves

Silos for repair
Silos that were constructed with concrete staves.


The silos, pictured above, were constructed with a poured in place base and concrete staves with steel galvanized hoops around the silo for added structural integrity. Due to cracking staves, the silos have additional steel galvanized hoops around the bottom portion.

To repair the cracked staves, walls were first stabilized in the affected areas. Steel wire mesh and reinforcing steel were attached to the surrounding, undamaged, staves. To increase the load capacity of the stave silo wall, 4” of gunite was added around the entire silo circumference.

Below is an image of the repair in process.


Silos for repair
It is imperative to have silos inspected regularly.


In the manufacturing process, these silos are in constant use. This, coupled with the stave silo design, makes regular inspections and preventive maintenance supremely important.


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