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Marietta Silos LLC Marietta Silos was called in to inspect this silo in Michigan. We identified several horizontal and vertical cracks on the silo’s exterior. Without proper repair, the silo’s concrete will delaminate and the structure will be compromised. These walls can be repaired by using epoxy to fill the cracks and adding post-tensioned strands to provide additional support. Read more about silo wall repair in our latest Case History.

Silo Construction

Marietta Silos has pioneered cutting-edge materials and practices for over a century and leads the nation in concrete silo construction.

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Third-party inspections, maintenance and repair services are the most effective method to ensure the integrity of concrete structures, surfaces, and silos.

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Silo Repair

Marietta Silos provides numerous repair and maintenance services for all minor and emergency concrete silos issues.

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Silo Inspection of Multiple Discharge Asymmetric Flow Failure - Florida

Multiple discharges caused asymmetric flow and silo failure.

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Concrete Vs Steel

While often less expensive upfront, steel silos have inherent limitations and pose a number of safety risks.

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